2013 KFJC Girlie Shirt

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We’re rolling out another of our popular girlie shirts…!

Junko Mizuno has created “Tabeko” as the image for this year’s shirt. She is a self taught artist who is recognized for her unique style of powerful and erotic female imagery. Growing up in Tokyo, Japan, Junko’s work is based on ’70s Japanese cute culture, but her art refuses to be categorized as it keeps growing and continues to be influenced by anything that surrounds her. Her main sources of inspiration include: fetish art, folk and religious art, pin-up art, greeting cards, toys, comics, food, music and movies.

In 1996, she self-produced a photocopy booklet called “MINA animal DX” which brought her to the attention of the publishing industry in Japan. Soon after, she debuted as a professional comic artist and illustrator. Currently residing in San Francisco, she is constantly working on new comics, paintings, illustrations and designs for products ranging from toys to clothing.

Official website: MIZUNO-JUNKO.com

Official Twitter page: Junko_Mizuno


It’s cute! It’s subversive! It’s available as our thanks for your generous donation of $45.00 or more.

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