2014 KFJC Girlie Shirt

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We’re rolling out another of our popular girlie shirts…!

Who is Eclair Bandersnatch? Prolific graffiti writer, cultural provocateur, political activist, social satirist? She is all these, a creative force of nature, using clever wordsmithing and raw sexuality to seduce you into seeing the world through her eyes and on her terms.
Forcing us to recognize the irony of the human condition, financial inequity, social injustice, sex and gender roles are just a part of the agenda sweetly whispered in your ear or brutally slapped across your face by her highly recognizable hyper-sexual vamps and vixens who unapologetically tell it like it is.

It’s cute! It’s subversive! It’s available as our thanks for your generous donation of $45.00 or more.

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