2015 KFJC Girlie Shirt

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We’re rolling out another of our popular girlie shirts…!

Nikkea Takagi is a self-taught, Bay Area based artist. She is deeply influenced by her life’s travels, her Japanese heritage (which is delicately incorporated throughout her work), and the endless journey inward towards greater self-knowledge. Working mostly with enamel and acrylic paint, she creates art that is intimately symbolic of her experiences in this lifetime and the emotions she is most familiar with. Her imagery of spirit guides and warrior women are intended to represent our strength during the endless battle to preserve internal bliss.

Takagi strives to produce work that empowers the viewer to counter the negativity we face daily and swim against the natural and effortless downward flow of self-doubt.
Please feel free to reach out: nikkea.takagi@gmail.com

It’s cute! It’s subversive! It’s available as our thanks for your generous donation of $45.00 or more.

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