2021 KFJC Girlie Shirt

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This shirt is titled “Dots/Bouffant” is a real doll! Designed by Hardison L. Collins III, here’s what he has to say about his art:

“As an artist, I am a Ramone. I leave out the parts I don’t like. I overload the parts I like. What I create can be enjoyed from a moving car. Is it disposable? Oh hell yeah! but you’re never gonna get that stain out – not with all the Didi Seven in the world .”

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If you’re a girl and you wear stylish shirts, then you definitely want this one for your collection. We know you are thinking, what if I am not a girl but I still want it? Make it work! Make it yours! Go ahead, donate and get one today.

It’s cute! It’s subversive! It’s available on a white T-shirt as our thanks for your generous donation of $45.00 or more.

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