KFJC 50th Anniversary Commemorative Double LP Set

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KFJC 50th Anniversary Commemorative Double LP Set

Commemorating our 50th anniversary in 2009, KFJC is releasing a limited supply of these unique live performances. This rare collection will sure to be passed down between families for generations to come.

Own this piece of history as our thanks for your generous donation of $50.00 or more.

Side K 19:54

  1. Iggy Pop “Bored and Bang Bang” 7:05 Live at the Keystone, Palo Alto 2-13-83
  2. The Brian Jonestown Massacre “Hyperventilation” 9:50 Live in the Pit 12-2-1994
  3. Richard Hell & The Voidoids “Lowest Common Dominator” 2:17 Live at the Old Waldorf, S.F. 7-14-1982
  4. Spazz “4X A Day” 0:35 Live in the Pit 5-1-1996

Side F 19:25

  1. 999 “Homicide” 4:31 Live at the Keystone, Palo Alto 7-31-1981
  2. Farflung “Candied Electronic Atmospheres” 7:16 Live broadcast from the Great American Music Hall, S.F. 11-7-1996
  3. Melt-Banana “Mouse Is A Biscuit” 5:00 Live in the Pit 12-15-1995
  4. TSOL “Waiting For You” 2:31 Live at the Old Waldorf, S.f. 12-15-1982

Side J 19:51

  1. Cabaret Voltaire “F16” 5:37 Live at the Keystone, Palo Alto 10-26-1980
  2. The Ex with Han Bennink “Prism Song” 5:18 Live at Café Du Nord, S.F. 9-20-2004
  3. Pylon “Danger” 5:35 Live in the Pit 11-17-2008
  4. Wesley Willis “Lincoln Town Car Limousine” 3:13 Live in the Pit 6-25-1999

Side C 20:26

  1. Z’EV and Steve Mackay “Live in the Pit 2-2-2007” 6:30
  2. Windy & Carl “Live at the Stork Club 4-21-1998” 8:35
  3. Cluster “Live in the Pit 6-27-1997” 5:17


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