Live from the Devil’s Triangle: Vol 23 (2020)

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The Live From The Devil’s Triangle series turns twenty three with another spectacular line up of bands. As always, all the bands were recorded live by KFJC engineers in the world-famous KFJC pit.

Twenty three years sounds like a long time but it will fly by if you are listening to great music. The best in live music will always come from the KFJC pit.

Disc 1

1 Action Beat
2 Rose
3 Elaine the Singer
4 Hard Foul
5 Hogwind
6 Impuritan
7 Thollem
8 Social Stutter
9 Million Brazilians

Disc 2

1 Orhima
2 Grave Dust
3 Blood Omen
4 False/None
5 Hobo Sonn
6 Darksmith
7 Glands of External Secretion
8 Evil Moisture
9 Rappin’ With Jesus

Live From the Devil’s Triangle Vol XXIII. This 2CD set features live performances from great bands from around the world. Available for your generous donation of $45.00 or more

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