Live from the Devil’s Triangle: Volume 13 (2010)

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KFJC is well-known for its commitment to presenting the best in live music, wherever it occurs – from our studios in Los Altos Hills to venues throughout the world. KFJC is proud to present the latest volume in our continuing series of collections documenting these live performances, Live From The Devil’s Triangle, Volume 13, two CD set. As always, an international cast of bands and a wide variety of genres are represented in this veritable cornucopia of modern sounds.

The Live From The Devil’s Triangle, Volume 13 two CD set is available as our thanks for your generous donation of $45.00 or more.

Disc 1

  1. Kuan N 6:48
  2. Beaches The Rip 4:32
  3. Gmlet Eye Live in the Pit 1:52
  4. Carlton Melton Found Children 11:21
  5. Thou The Unnamed Path 6:48
  6. Foxtails Brigade Shades of Gray 3:47
  7. Reconnaisance Fly One Should Never 4:02
  8. Orca Team Me and My Lonesome 1:45
  9. Scott H. Biram Time Flies 2:27
  10. Headboggle Promo in Alto Live (excerpt) 9:26

Disc 2

  1. Buk Buk Bigups Group Zeffe 2:53
  2. Matta Gawa Xela 11:08
  3. Tsgoti On the Way to the Double Speak Drown 4:33
  4. Bill Kirchen Buckaroo 1:53
  5. The TomorrowMen Maelstrom 3:19
  6. Bird Gravity of Self Defense 3:42
  7. The Blueness Galaxy 2 2:57
  8. Tolteca Extra Oracle Fiend 5:13
  9. Soriah XIUHCOATL 6:54
  10. Gunslingers Lighter Slinger Festival 21:40
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