Live from the Devil’s Triangle: Volume 16 (2013)

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KFJC is well-known for its commitment to presenting the best in live music, wherever it occurs – from our studios in Los Altos Hills to venues throughout the world. KFJC is proud to present the latest volume in our continuing series of collections documenting these live performances, Live From The Devil’s Triangle, Volume 16, two CD set. As always, an international cast of bands and a wide variety of genres are represented in this veritable cornucopia of modern sounds.

Live From the Devil’s Triangle Vol 16. This 2XCD features live performances great bands around the world.

All recorded live in the KFJC Pit.

The Live From The Devil’s Triangle, Volume 16 two CD set is available as our thanks for your generous donation of $45.00 or more.

Check out this amazing playlist:

Disc 1

  1. Date Palms: Exodus Due West 8:40
  2. Henry Plotnick: Efflorescence and Fog 11:21
  3. Martin Cilia: Bombora 2:32
  4. Botanist: Quoth Azalea, the Demon 10:45
  5. Pulsating Cyst: Live on KFJC 060913 9:10
  6. Vassafor: Craft of Dissolution 6:07
  7. The Bang Girl Group Revue: Breakaway 2:24
  8. Las Ardillas: Cancioñ De Luz 3:19
  9. ALTO!: Piece 7 8:44
  10. Zeena Parkins: Live KFJC pit 10:11

Disc 2

  1. Bitter Fruit: The Rainbow 3:24
  2. 3 Ball of Fire: Space: 2067 3:04
  3. Necrot: Cycles of Pain 4:35
  4. Dust Collector: Dripcastle Mansion – Elephantightest (excerpts from Narcolepsy) 3:55
  5. Blue Sabbath Black Cheer: Gnashing of Teeth III 7:39
  6. Malditos: Black Shirt Flag 3:55
  7. Embers: Dust 11:14
  8. Lords of Outland: Standing at the Abyss Looking Up 8:37
  9. M22: In Outside 5:03
  10. Opera Wolf: Emblematic Megafauna 4:33
  11. Nommo Ogo: The Sea Of Night 16:22
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