Live from the Devil’s Triangle: Volume I (1998)

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This is where it all started. The first of our widely acclaimed and renouned “Live” series, it’s “Live From The Devil’s Triangle, Volume 1”. As always, an international cast of bands and a wide variety of genres are represented in this cornucopia of modern sounds.

The “Live From The Devil’s Triangle, Volume 1” CD is available as our thanks for your generous donation of $45.00 or more.

Track Listing

  1. Acid Mother’s Temple “Pink Lady Lemonade”
  2. Major Stars “Deep End”
  3. Uz Jsme Doma “Teleton”
  4. Laddio Bolocko “Live”
  5. Stinking Lizaveta “Live”
  6. Dead Moon “54/40 or Fight”
  7. Bevis Frond “House of Mountains”
  8. Dirty Three “Mick’s Love Song”
  9. Stellamara “Maris”
  10. Angel in Heavy Syrup “Live”
  11. Zeni Geva “Live”
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