Live from the Devil’s Triangle: Volume VII (2004)

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KFJC is well-known for its commitment to presenting the best in live music, wherever it occurs – from our studios in Los Altos Hills to venues throughout the world. KFJC is proud to present the latest volume in our continuing series of collections documenting these live performances, Live From The Devil’s Triangle, Volume 7. As always, an international cast of bands and a wide variety of genres are represented in this cornucopia of modern sounds. Artists featured in this year’s double CD edition include Grails, Scientist, Hi Red Center and Electric Turn To Me.

The Live From The Devil’s Triangle, Volume 7 two CD set is available as our thanks for your generous donation of $45.00 or more.

Disc 1

  1. Grails “White Flag”
  2. Zebra Attack “Trans Missions Control”
  3. Corpus Callosum “Insecteopus Rex”
  4. Verboten “American Empire”
  5. Scott Hill Trio “Over Contemplation”
  6. Scientist “Live”
  7. John Bischoff “Local Color”
  8. Ape Has Killed Ape “Psychic Vampire”
  9. Rope “She The Assassin”
  10. Paolo Angeli “Etterbeek”

Disc 2

  1. Electric Turn To Me “The Trap”
  2. Low Flying Owls “La Da Da”
  3. El Buzzard “Sexophonic Turbo Delight”
  4. Dhamaal “Pakistani Folk Song”
  5. Boyskout “Suicide”
  6. Petty Booka “Ukelele Lady”
  7. Say Bok Gwai “Got No Friends To Talk To”
  8. Hi Red Center “Toothless Beau”
  9. Skerik’s Syncopated Taint Septet “Irritant”
  10. Sagan “Unseen Forces 22”
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