Live from the Japanese Music Underground (2008)

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Live from the Japanese Music Underground CD/DVD

For many years the Japanese underground music scene has been active and innovative. Unfortunately, many of these music projects rarely travel outside of Japan. In August of 2008, KFJC traveled to Tokyo, Japan to broadcast two nights of live music over our air waves, netcast, and video stream. We have documented some of the highlights on an amazing CD and DVD compilation. A must have!


August 25, 2008 Band List

    • Sax Ruins
    • Majutsu no Niwa
    • Raiko A. + SACHIKO
    • Keichi Miyashita
    • Kuruucrew
    • Katsurei

August 26, 2008 Band List

    • Uptight
    • Oninko
    • Tabata Mitsuru
    • Masami Kawaguchi New Rock Syndicate
    • Astro
    • Amazon Saliva

The KFJC 89.7 FM Live from the Japanese Music Underground Combo CD/DVD is available as our thanks for your generous donation of $45.00 or more.

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