LIVE from the KFJC Surf Battle (2011)

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A collection of great surf tunes recorded live at the annual KFJC Battle of the Sufing Bands
at the British Banker’s Club in Menlo Park, CA. Commemerating KFJC’s long legacy of featuring surf music, we assembled this CD and accompanying DVD featuring many of the best surf bands California has to offer. Amazing Stuff!

Happened 5-14-2011 at the British Bankers Club, Menlo Park CA.

Battle of the Surf Bands 2011 line-up:

Track Listing


Berzerkers: Waimea Cruncher
The Wander Ins: Double Overhead
Aloha Screwdriver: Double Barrel
The Del Mars: Glasn’ Off
Trivalve: Rocke ‘n Loade
Reefriders: Wild Hook
Frankie & the Pool Boys: Ewa On the Beach
Mighty Surf Lords: Opium Den
Deadbeats: Arab
Eldorados: Driving Guitars
Deadlies: Rumble
The Lava Rats: Suicide Squeeze
Meshugga: Check Mate
Neptunes: Dame Anushka
Tomorrowmen: Moonage Daydream
Pollo Del Mar: The Whammy


Berzerkers: Saquito Fria
The Wander Ins: Easy on the Eyes
Aloha Screwdriver: Cecilia Ann
The Del Mars: Glasn’ Off
Trivalve: Black and Tan Fantasy
Reefriders: Potato Patch
Frankie & the Pool Boys: Teke Teke Teke
Mighty Surf Lords: Surf Ace
Deadbeats: Gooch In space
Eldorados: Harlem Nocturne
Deadlies: Pig Farm
The Lava Rats: Blowtorch
Meshugga: Festival of Lights
Neptunes: Surf Coaster
Tomorrowmen: Moonage Daydream
Pollo Del Mar: Star Trek/Jonny Foo:Ninja Chiropractor

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